About Me
Parvan P. Parvanov
Attorney and Lecturer-in-law
New York Bar Association
J.D. (Honors) Columbia Law School, New York
Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar
Award for Fine Legal Writing, Gary Born on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Gold Medal (in all segments), International Arbitration & Mediation Moot Court
Parker School Award of Achievement in International Law
Senior Editor, American Review of International Arbitration
Editor, Columbia Journal of European Law

LL.M., Columbia Law School, New York

LL.M., London School of Economics & Political Science, England

Mag. Iur. (E.U. & Civil Law), “St. Klement Ohridsky” University of Sofia, Bulgaria


George A. Bermann
Chief Reporter, Restatement of the U.S. Law (III) of International Commercial Arbitration
American Law Institute

Hon. George Daniels
Southern District of New York


New York State
Sofia (with E.U. rights)


Bulgarian (fluent)
Macedonian (proficient)
Russian (fluent)
French (fluent)
Serbo-Croat (limited)
Spanish (limited)


E.U. (Bulgaria)

I am an American-trained litigator and an international arbitration specialist with over ten years of legal experience. To date I have been involved in more than sixty international arbitration and litigation cases in commercial, investment and public international law disputes before ICC, ICSID, LCIA, ICDR, BCCI, VIAC, RCC, and UNCITRAL ad hoc tribunals, US, EU and African national courts, as well as supra-national fora such as the European Court of Human Rights and the International Court of Justice.

Prior to qualifying in the US through a J.D. from Columbia Law School I was a practicing EU lawyer based in Sofia, Bulgaria (Mag. Iur., St. Klement Ohridsky, University of Sofia). The highlights of my practice in the EU included the defense of a sovereign in a set of international arbitration disputes with a joint-venture of construction heavyweights, the defense of the largest EU-wide contested merger before the European Commission, and various international arbitration and litigation matters involving IP, M&A, antitrust (hostile takeovers), cross-border commodities supply, complex infrastructure projects, and the energy (oil & gas and electricity production/distribution) industry.

After my transition to the US I spent time in three of the largest international arbitration practices out of Washington D.C., New York and Paris, France. As part of these teams I have represented private parties and sovereign bodies in numerous high-stake construction, energy, global distribution, infrastructure, finance, insurance/reinsurance, and telecommunications disputes in commercial and investment cases.

In 2012 I accepted a position to serve as the Senior Researcher to the Chief Reporter on the Restatement of the US Law (III) of International Commercial Arbitration at the American Law Institute. I returned to full-time private practice in 2014 with the development of two ICSID investment arbitration cases in the renewable energy and banking industries in Europe. Around the same time I began to teach International Arbitration at the International Arbitration Training & Assistance Institute and the Fordham Law School. I have also been invited to teach at Columbia Law School.

The Domestication of The New York Convention by The Federal Courts In Manhattan: Unravelling An Idiosyncratic Approach To Non-Signatories At The Enforcement Stage,
Am. Rev. Int’l Arb. (2016)
International Protection of Foreign Investors and the Price of Administrative Arbitrariness, February 7, 2016, Capital Weekly (in Bulgarian)
The Dearest Arbitration (What the “Belene“ Arbitrations Will Revolve Around), August 2, 2013, Capital Weekly (in Bulgarian)
Comparing U.S. Law And U.S. Investment Agreements: Much More Similar than You Might Expect, Co-Author with Mark Kantor,
Int’l Inv. L. & Pol. Y.B.
2010-2011, Oxford Univ. Press.
The Hidden Duality of the Summary Disposition of Claims in Investment Arbitration, (2011) SSRN.
Teaching Appointments:
International Arbitration Training & Assistance Institute, New York
Fordham Law School, New York
Columbia Law School, New York
Some Highlights of my Experience to Date Include:
Dispute over the disentanglement of the global operations of a well-known global brand in the consumer financing sector following a failed M&A deal.
A dispute arising out of an exclusive distribution relationship between the world’s biggest grocery manufacturing and processing conglomerate and its exclusive distributor in the United Arab Emirates.
European M&A and investment banking houses against a joint-venture of US and European private equity firms in a contractual dispute over unpaid fees arising out of the failed privatization of a telecommunications company.
The agency of an E.U. sovereign in a number of international arbitration disputes with a joint-venture of construction heavyweights, over an E.U. funded multi-million project.
The defense of a Sub-Saharan sovereign in a complex international arbitration dispute with a U.S. contractor over the recommissioning of a power plant on Lake Volta.
Natural gas supply price-review dispute.
A Swiss investor against a European sovereign on breach of the fair and equitable treatment standard and judicial expropriation claims.
Defended a U.S. energy behemoth against a Latin American sovereign on action for breach of the fair and equitable treatment and full protection and security standards.
Developed the case for breach of the fair and equitable treatment standard and measures tantamount to expropriation in the renewables energy sector against an E.U. Member State.
Developed the case for breach of the fair and equitable treatment standard and measures tantamount to expropriation in the banking sector against an E.U. Member State.
A dispute over the de facto expropriation of a set of companies in the oil & gas sector against an EU Member State.
A maritime border dispute between two Latin American sovereigns.
An international litigation arising out of claims of the heirs of pre-revolutionary Russia’s most avid collector of fine art against the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for the return of Paul Cezanne’s most famous works.
The defense of a major US insurance company in a vacatur (set-aside) petition on a New York Convention award under New York lex loci arbitri.
Award-Winning Writer and Advocate
More than 95 % of the work in international arbitration is done in writing. I am a US-trained litigator and an international law scholar with award-winning research and writing skills. I am capable of weeding through the most convoluted regulatory regime and maximize the client’s position in an uncommonly cost-effective and convincing way.
My training in the two principal legal systems of the world and my linguistic capabilities allow me to handle complex multi-jurisdictional issues within a single research and develop the facts and law of the cases with particular depth and nuance. This vertical skill integration is characteristic of only the newest generation of international lawyers.